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Welcome to, operated by Nude Models Hungary, located at 4. Nyugati Square, Budapest, 1132, Hungary. In the Privacy Policy we provide you with the information of how we collect and use personal information in operating the Website.

By becoming a model of Nude Models Hungary you consent to the use and collection of your personal information as described below. Nude Models Hungary has the right to change the content of the Privacy Policy. Such changes will be indicated by changing the date at the end of this page at the „Last Updated” section. These changes become valid immediately when the modified version of this policy is posted on the Website. 

Changes will not apply to Personal Information collected before the changes to the Privacy Policy.

The running of this Website

Visitors can learn more about Nude Models Hungary by browsing on the Website. By clicking on the „Become a model” button, visitors have the opportunity to submit an application to us through the Internet and try to become a model at Nude Models Hungary. With the usage of this Website all visitors accept the Terms of use and the Privacy policy, giving right to Nude Models Hungary to store, use, collect and manage the given personal information.

Collection and usage of Personal Information

When browsing the Website, Nude Models Hungary does not require anyone to provide us personal information. Nude Models Hungary only collects information from individuals when it is specifically provided. Such cases can be for example submitting an application when individuals have to provide their personal information (, address, phone number, email address), a description of the physical characteristics (height, weight, dress, chest, hips, waist, shoe, eye color, hair color) and photographs (full length photos, headshot photos).

Nude Models Hungary only collects personal information that is provided through the Website. The personal information provided by registrants will be used for internal purposes and for contacting you about issues related to Nude Models Hungary. Personal information might be shared with third parties who can contact you with their news as well. (Such communications can be opted-out.) We may also give out personal information to enforce our customer agreements and to protect our rights of property.

Please be aware of the fact that parts of the data (submitted in your application) may be revealed to public on the Website. Please do not upload content that you do not want others to see or that you are not authorized to publish.

Other information collected by Nude Models Hungary

By Using action tags, cookies and other methods we collect anonymous information about preferences in navigating the Website. Action tags are used to collect IP addresses. We use cookies to customize Website features, monitor Website usage and identify the user’s operating system and browser so that we can make our Website easier to be used. This information may also be used for promotional reasons.

If you want to block sending personal information to us, you can adjust the setting so that you will be informed of the cookie's presence and you can refuse them one by one or you can change not to receive any cookies from Websites at all.

We protect Personal information in several ways. We prevent unauthorized people from seeing it when it is submitted to our Website. The personal information is kept on a secure server and only those who have the password can reach it. 

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that no information will be accidentally lost/damaged/or accessed by a third party, as information transmission is never a 100% safe as it is done through the internet or through wireless network.

Links provided to Third Parties

Nude Models Hungary only provide links to other Websites if it is possibly interesting to the visitors. These pages have their own Privacy Policies, over which we have no control. Please check their information of how they handle/use/collect etc. personal information. Nude Models Hungary has no responsibility of the Third Parties’ Privacy Policy. To make sure you know how other pages maintain your personal information always read the privacy policy of each Website you browse.

The policies of Nude Models Hungary regarding children

The minimum age of visitors who can submit an application at Nude Models Hungary is eighteen (18) years. Under eighteen visitors have to submit their registration with their parents/legal guardians. We will also ask for a written consent in this case. The minimum age of an applicant is fourteen (14) years of age. Please do not apply if you are under fourteen.

Complaints about the handling of information

If you have any notices, questions or concerns regarding the Website, and its ways of using/collecting/handling personal information, please contact us, or by mail with postage prepared and return receipt requested, to: Nude Models Hungary, Nyugati Square 4. , Budapest, Hungary 1132.

Visitors may contact Nude Models Hungary and ask if we have any personal information about them. Such information will be provided to visitors and it can be updated or deleted by sending us a request.

If you do not want to receive newsletters from us, you can opt it out. If you want to remove your data from our database, do not want to receive e-mails in the future from us or you do not want to share your personal information with third parties, you should contact us.

Nude Models Hungary respects the privacy of their visitors and tries to maintain the confidentiality of the Website in any way that is possible.

Last Updated: July, 2014